Vision of Love: Recognizing Your Value in Relationships

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The eye’s ability at a range of 20 ft. to accurately perceive the same series of letters that the average eye can perceive at a range of 20 ft. is referred to as “normal vision.” That is where the industry-accepted vision standard of 20/20 is derived. A vision test is just a comparison of one’s vision to a set of standards using a variety of methods that draw a conclusion using the same simple question, “Can you see what I see?”

Sometimes in relationships, we have a tendency to treat our value as a test of someone else’s vision. We’ll open our hearts in attempts to place someone at a close range and hope that from this angle they will be able to see the same value that we see in ourselves. We’ll extend ourselves beyond measure, put up with behavior we wouldn’t normally put up with, and end up straining our own eyes in attempts to help someone see what God never intended their eyes to perceive, resulting in a relationship where two people are fighting blindly to obtain a vision of each other that will remain unclear.

I’ve learned from experience that God will blind the wrong pair of eyes from seeing your value on purpose and just because someone lacks a clear vision of you does not mean that you lack value. It just means they lack the right pair of eyes. God knows that if the magnitude of your value is revealed to the wrong person then they have the potential to latch on to you. He will remove those that couldn’t see you correctly because they were a barrier between you experiencing the moment when you look into the eyes of the person that God gave a clear vision of your love. They will be able to see you for who you are and give you everything you know you are worth. Believe that and don’t settle for anything less.

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