The Roots of Not Enough

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Who told you that you were not good enough?

At least one person came to your mind before you finished reading that sentence. Maybe it was the words that your mother, father, 3rd-grade teacher, or ex-boyfriend said to you. Those negative comments fell from their mouths like seeds and rooted into your mind, and ever since then you’ve felt that are not enough for anybody and have wondered will you ever be enough.

A bad seed can only find roots in a ground that is willing to plant it and absorb it. If you find that your current thoughts about yourself align with the words that someone has spoken unto you, then it is quite possible you have planted and absorbed the bad seed, allowed it enough space to root, and fed it to produce its growth.

A lot of us have absorbed a bad seed at some point, but the most important part is staying proactive about which seeds you allow to root in your mind. You can absorb something and if you’re quick about it, then you can catch it before it roots. On the other hand, you can cut a plant down after you’ve given it food to grow, but if the roots still remain then it has the power to grow again. That is why if you want your circumstances in life and love to change then it is important that you uproot your roots.

Throughout grade school comments like “your laugh is unattractive” rooted in my life, so I started covering my mouth to hide the sound. Comments like “no one wants to date the tall girl” rooted, so I stopped wearing heels. And comments like “you have a personality that intimidates men” rooted, so I showed less of my intelligence, wit, and sass to make men feel more comfortable.

Then, I arrived at a point in my life when I decided to no longer care about what men thought about me because I knew that the same things other men disliked about me, the right man would fall in love with. So, I did a lot of self-loving and absorbing seeds of God’s word like “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you,” (Song of Solomon 4:7) and uprooting the roots of the bad seeds I allowed to plant in my life. Then, I went back to the loud-laughing, six-inch heel wearing, intimidating-personality-having-woman and I’ve never been so happy.

There is power in living out loud and loving exactly who God created you to be. That means that you, with all your flaws and imperfections, are his perfect seed. Take root in his word and grow in unapologetically loving who he created you to be, and you will see a harvest in your life.

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