Progression of Rejection

As a woman who has been disappeared on in the midst of relationships, I have a sore spot for men that leave without a warning. It is the deepest rejection that I had ever felt and I asked God to never allow that to happen again. I didn’t want to feel the pain of unworthiness and rejection again because it was a heavy load to bear. What I didn’t realize was by me asking God to cease rejection in my life, I was asking him to allow me to entangle myself in relationships that he has not intended for me just so I can feel accepted instead of rejected. Which one was worse? Rejection or relationships that serve as life detours for the sake of my insecurity feeling momentarily secure because someone was finally accepting the love I was offering.

Today, I backtracked my request to God. Today, I asked Him that every relationship that He has not intended for me rejects the love I try to offer it. I asked God to allow every man who is not meant to be in my life to leave me expeditiously, if not sooner. Today, I realized that I prefer the temporary pain of rejection than the permanent pain of intertwining myself with a poison that accepted my love but detoured my destiny. Today, I gave up pleasure for the progression of pain. The pain of rejection is transportation. The pain of rejection is transporting me right into the arms of the man God has called to be mine and me to be his and I’m ready for the ride. There is a progression in God’s rejection.

Painting Your Future With The Pain of the Past

“You’ll never receive the results you desire when you paint your future with the same brush of your past.” – Bianca Baymon, Founder/Senior Editor

Most people allow their past experiences to morph into their beliefs and become the paintbrush that they paint every person in their future with. It is unfair to paint people of your future with the same paintbrush of your past without giving them the opportunity to expose their true color.

Imagine that you are painting a blank canvas with the color blue. After a few minutes of painting with the color blue, you want to switch to the color pink. Before you begin painting with the color pink, you have to do one of two things. You either have to a) get a new paintbrush or b) clean the current paintbrush that you have, dip it in water, and make sure you get all of the blue out before you begin painting with pink.

When you begin to paint your future with the same paintbrush of your past, you never get the results you want because you’ve mixed colors and cross-contaminated the color that you truly desire.

Although you may not carry a tangible paintbrush, you do carry an intangible one around with you wherever you go. A human’s paintbrush is the mind and the beliefs in our mind become the color that we paint our future interactions with.

In order to paint your future with a new color, it requires a cleansing of the mind. You have to cleanse your mind of all the assumptions, the pain, the heartbreak, and the people that have hurt you. Cleansing ensures that when you do begin to paint your future, you’re not painting it with remnants of your past.

Don’t make the mistake of contaminating your future because you did not take the time to cleanse of your past.

Do you want a brighter future or will you settle for a contaminated version of your past?