Chemistry vs. Connection: The Science of Dating

In chemistry, a chemical reaction is a study of what takes place after two substances are combined or exposed to the elements of other. When a chemical reaction takes place amongst two substances, the result can be one of two things; either the formation or the dissociation of the molecules. In other words, the result of a chemical reaction is either a connection or a disconnection.

When you feel the initial “chemistry” with someone you are dating, it feels as if you’ve finally connected to someone, but that may not be true. What if the chemistry you feel is just the initial chemical reaction of two people being exposed to the elements of each other? What if the chemistry you feel never turns into a connection?

If you’ve ever experienced the initial ‘chemistry’ with someone and then months or years later lose that, it’s a clear sign that the result of the chemical reaction was a disconnection, and not a connection.

The science of dating is taking the time to find out what the result of the chemical reaction of you and someone else is because it’s fine to date a chemical reaction… but it’s bad to marry one.

Author: Silhöuette Magazine

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