J. Lo No Sugar, No Carb Challenge: Lose Weight in 10 Days

Jennifer Lopez is known for having an amazing body and living a healthy lifestyle to maintain it. In January of 2019, she posted on Instagram that she was giving up carbs and sugar for 10 days. Reportedly, she also gave up dairy and alcohol. The challenge gain popularity as Today Show host, Hoda Kotb, joined on the bandwagon after seeing a picture of J. Lo on Day 9 of the diet.

Join the #NoCarbNoSugar Challenge with Jennifer Lopez by adhering to the guidelines below for 10 days! If you can’t do this for 10 days, feel free to do it for whatever amount of time you see fit!

No Carbs, No Sugar Challenge

Although you will notice that the diet is not completely free of sugar or carbs, it only contains healthy carbs and foods with no added sugar.

What You CAN Eat

  • Non-starchy vegetables (including kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflower, bell peppers, and zucchini)
  • Unsweetened teas and seltzers
  • Spices and seasonings
  • Nuts and sugar-free nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, and soy butter) and seeds
  • Meat and poultry (beef, pork, chicken, and turkey)
  • Eggs
  • Seafood
  • Avocado
  • Healthy Oils: Olive oil
  • Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries (limit these foods)

What You CANNOT Eat

  • Starchy vegetables—this includes potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and winter squash
  • Candy
  • Bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, etc.
  • High-Sugar Fruits
  • Grains (such as wheat, corn, and rice), beans (such as black, kidney, and pinto), and legumes (such as chickpeas and lentils)
  • Condiments with sugar (ketchup, bbq sauce, etc.)
  • Sweeteners (even artificial sweeteners)
  • Dairy
  • Soda
  • Alcohol


Top 3 Fat Burning & Weight Loss Pre-Workouts

Looking for a new pre-workout? Check out these top 3 fat burning and weight loss pre-workouts to maximize your fitness regime!

1: SKALD Powder Pre Workout Thermogenic Fat Burner

Key Benefits: Metabolism Booster, Appetite Suppressant, Respiratory Support, Hydration Blend

2: MuscleTech VaporX5 Next Gen, Advanced Weight Loss Preworkout Powder

Key Benefits: Advanced Neurosensory Blend, Advanced Weight Loss, Explosive Energy and Focus

3: Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder, Thermogenic Metabolism Booster

Key Benefits: Fat Loss, Enhanced Training, Thermogenic

5 Black-Owned Body & Skincare Brands

In honor of Black History Month, check out these body and skincare brands that were created by black people for black people!

In honor of Black History Month, check out these body and skincare brands that were created by black people for black people!

1: Nyakio (Neh-kay-oh)

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco founded Nyakio, which is a skin and bodycare line she created by using her Kenyan family heritage’s beauty secrets and travel experiences. Her products are made by hand with “cold-pressed oils in small batches,” and include everything from a Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub, Marula & Neroli Brightening Oil, and an African Black Soap Purifying Mud Mask. Click here to check out her products exclusively available at Ulta!


2: skinBUTTR

America’s Next Top Model first runner-up, Tatiana Price, was inspired to create skinBUTTR after developing products to treat her skin problems. The mission of skinBUTTR is to “simplify, educate, build confidence, and promote healthy skin.” Price’s products include body butters, moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliators, masks, and toners. Click here to shop skinBUTTR!

3: The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot is “the first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina.” The company was founded by Bea Feliu-Espada after a dream she had where an ancestor gave her a vision of how to heal herself from vaginal issues she was experiencing. The Honey Pot’s products are 100% natural and include everything from cleanses, menstrual care, refreshing spray, and lubricants. Click here to check out her products!

4: Unsun 

Unsun is an all-natural skin protectant line specifically formulated for people of “beige to dark chocolate tones.” Katonya Breaux was inspired to create Unsun after growing tired of “white film” that sunscreen left on her face. Her products include Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, hand cream with SPF 15, lip tint with SPF 18, and so much more. Click here to check out Unsun Cosmetics!

5: Limegreen

Talima Davis and Allison created the personal care brand, Limegreen, after Talima’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer. Limegreen aims to “provide a safe and nontoxic alternative in a personal care industry littered with unsafe chemicals.” Their products include multi-oils, multi-washes, multi-sprays, and multi-candles. Click here to shop Limegreen!


How to Align & Balance Chakras with Meditation

The human body is made of energy and the seven chakras are focal points of energy within the body that control different aspects of your being. When each of your chakras is balanced energy will flow freely through your body, you will align yourself to attract the things that you desire, and you will experience peace.

The seven chakras are the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra. The chart below dives deeper into what aspect of your life each chakra influences and the symptoms you will experience in your life when that chakra is out of balanced.


Meditation & Hypnosis Videos for Chakra Balance

The best way to balance your chakras is with meditation and yoga. Check out my top favorite chakra alignment vidos below!

10-Minute Chakra Balance

30-Minute Chakra Balance

45-Minute Chakra Balance


My 100lb. Weight Loss Secrets

Growing up I was always overweight. I remember going on my first diet in the 3rd grade after my doctor told me I needed to lose some weight. That was the beginning of a decade and a half of yo-yo dieting. I tried everything from the cabbage diet, the 3-day diet, the watermelon diet, the juice diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and the lemonade diet. Although these diets would work, it was only effective short-term. I would gain back even more weight than before after finishing the diet because I had deprived myself of normal eating habits. This was the Ferris wheel of my life and it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when I decided to get off and search for a new ride that wouldn’t bring me up only to bring me back down again. That summer I decided to rid myself of the idea that I needed to “diet” to lose weight and adopt the concept of finding a permanent way of living that supported my weight loss endeavors. Here are the secrets of my 100 lb. weight loss!

IMG_0712 (1).JPG

1: The Pescevegan Life

When I decided to make a change, I turned to another fad diet. It was Atkins this time. After two weeks and 10 pounds lost, I got sick of unlimited meat and cheese and the smell of it began to make me queasy. I decided that I needed to do the complete opposite of Atkins so I began a two-week vegan challenge on August 1, 2015, where meat and cheese were nowhere in sight. Within those two weeks, I saw a huge difference in myself and not just on the scale. My skin glowed, my energy was through the roof, and I just knew that this was a change I wanted to continue because I felt and looked better.

After two months of being strictly vegan, I began to notice that giving up snow crabs and crawfish was not something I wanted to commit to for the rest of my life. I looked into being a pescetarian, but pescetarians consume dairy and I didn’t want to add dairy back in my diet because it’s not the healthiest option to begin with. So, I decided to add seafood back, but without the dairy. After months of explaining that I’m not a vegan but I’m not a pescetarian either, I finally decided to make up a name for myself…pescevegan.

Being pescevegan has truly been the greatest contributor to my weight loss. It forces me to make healthy decisions at restaurants because I only have a limited portion of the menu to choose from. It has led me to be creative in the meals I create and find alternative versions of my favorites like pesto basil flatbread with mozzarella cheese, pulled pork sandwiches, and so many more dishes I love. You can check out my other recipes by clicking here. Being pescevegan has truly become a lifestyle that I have completely fallen in love with and I’m sure if you tried it, you would fall in love with it too.


2: High-Intensity Interval Cycling

Cycling is the new fitness craze and there are many amazing reasons why! When you are trying to lose weight, most people hit the treadmill and two weeks later want to physically HIT the treadmill. Running can cause damage to your knees because it is very high-impact, which can cause people to stop running shortly after they begin.

On the other hand, spinning has a very low-impact on your joints, which means you will most likely want to do it longer. Furthermore, to increase fat burning during your cycling sessions, it is helpful to adopt High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT). HITT involves combining short bursts of high-intensity exercises with short bursts of low-intensity exercises, which have been shown to increase weight loss more than steady cardio workouts. Since this type of workout combines interval training and a high-intensity workout, it results in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as ‘afterburn.’ That means that your body remains a fat-burning machine for up to 48 hours after you finish your HIIT Workout.


3. MCT Oil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MCT Oil! It is literally the best discovery I’ve ever made. When I reached somewhere around the 70lb. mark, I hit a weight loss plateau and MCT Oil got me over the hill. Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) are a fatty acid that is extracted from coconut oil. As a result of them being “medium,” they are digested in the body faster and are known to aid in weight loss in a variety of ways.  It speeds up the metabolism, reduces your appetite, and is known to decrease the circumference of your waistline. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, “It gets absorbed directly from the gut into the liver and doesn’t get stored as fat but rather burned quickly and turned into energy. For many patients, MCT becomes that little nudge to help you drop those last 10 to 15 stubborn pounds that just won’t go away.”

Make sure to purchase MCT Oil that has 100% potency to maximize results. P.S. Another benefit of MCT Oil is the fact that it increases mental clarity and helps you focus! Add 2 tbsp. of MCT Oil to your smoothie each morning and watch your waistline get smaller!


4: Don’t Deprive Yourself

One of my favorite weight loss secrets is, “if you want to eat it, find a way to eat it.” I don’t believe in depriving yourself of the things that you want. Instead of depriving yourself, find a healthier alternative! When I’m craving pancakes, I’ll find a recipe for low-carb pancakes. On the other hand, let’s say that I’m craving pancakes and I want the typical high-carb pancake. Then, I will just count the calories for the pancakes and then go burn off the exact number of calories that I consumed from that pancake within an hour of eating it.


5: Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 is ESSENTIAL to weight loss, especially when you aren’t eating a substantial amount of animal proteins. B12 has been scientifically proven to help you lose excess weight, boost your metabolism, and also give you substantial energy. I recommend purchasing a liquid B12 supplement. My favorite B12 supplement is either mykind Organic Whole Food B-12 Spray or Salt Lake Supplement’s Vitamin B12 Drops.


For more on me and my weight loss journey, follow me on Instagram @RealBJanai.

Liquid Biotin: Secret to Quick Hair Growth

It is a proven fact that your body absorbs 98% of the vitamins that come in liquid form, compared to only 3-20% absorption in pill form. That means that your hair will experience growth 5-33x faster with liquid biotin. Another benefit of liquid biotin is that it bypasses the digestive processing system and flows right to the bloodstream within a matter of a few minutes. Get ready for your ponytail to swing in the wind! Check out our two favorite brands of liquid biotin below!


Our Picks: Kal 10000 Mcg Ultra Biotin Drops & SBR Nutrition 5000 Mcg Drops

Kal 10,000 Mcg Drops is our personal favorite brand of liquid biotin. We have tested it and have experienced no side effects, the taste is delicious, and the results are fast! Our second pick is SBR Nutrition’s 5000 Mcg Drops, because of the popular online reviews and the low dosage for people that may be sensitive to biotin. Whichever one you choose, make sure you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day to avoid negative side effects like acne and pimples.


Get ready! Set! Grow! 

Eat Like Beyoncé & Jay-Z: 22-Day Vegan Meal Plan

Although you may not have the bank account or the relationship Beyonce & Jay-Z share, now you can have their meal plan.


Beyoncé & Jay-Z partnered with their trainer and nutritionist, Marco Borges, to develop 22 Days Nutrition, which is a plant-based meal planner app that creates a personalized diet plan to help you achieve optimal health. After just one week of following this new meal plan, you might just be crazy in love.


The app uses the same dietary guidelines that Beyoncé & Jay-Z follow to create a customized eating plan for you. You’ll be eating like the Queen B herself!


The paid subscription of 22 Days Nutrition promises you support from nutrition coaches, thousands of healthy and delicious recipes, a custom plan that fits your life, and grocery delivery for people that live in certain cities and areas. But we found a FREE alternative so put your wallet away!


Click here for a sample of the 22 Days Nutrition diet plan and some superstar recipes including vanilla chia pudding, smoky avocado and jicama salad, and quinoa enchiladas. Now it’s time to eat! You ready?






Kinky Hair Routine for Growth, Moisture, and Detangling

Out of all of the natural hair types, kinky hair (4b/4c) has a tight curl pattern, experiences a hard time retaining moisture, has 20%-75% shrinkage, and is prone to tangling, matting, and breakage if not taken care of properly. Despite its characteristics, kinky hair is gorgeous! It just requires special care that can be accomplished with a unique haircare routine. Follow this 14-Day Kinky Hair Routine to grow, restore, nourish, moisturize and detangle your beautiful kinky hair.

Hair Care Methods

A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method

The L.O.C. Method is the best technique to moisturize natural hair because it layers hair products in an order that maximizes the retention of moisture. This method is composed of first hydrating your hair with either water in a spray bottle or a liquid leave-in-conditioner. Secondly, spritz a thin layer of hair oil to lock the water molecules in. Lastly, apply a creamy moisturizer to seal the moisture. The L.O.C. Method will be completed three times each week.

The best liquids and leave-in-conditioners for kinky hair are EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner, Mielle Pomegranate & Honey Leave In Conditioner, Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler, and Cantu Salon Size Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream.


The best hair oils for this method are coconut oil, jojoba oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.


The best hair creams for kinky hair are Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter;  As I Am’s DoubleButter Cream and Carols Daughter Coco Creme Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter.


B) Gorgeous Growth Routine

Our recommended hair growth routine is composed of applying a hair growth oil to your scalp and/or edges. Wild Hair Growth Oil and Manetabolism Growth Oil contains essential oils for hair growth. You will complete this routine four times each week.


C) Detangle

Detangling kinky hair can prevent breakage, helps retain hair length, and prevents matting. To detangle your hair, use a detangler hair product, comb your ends with a wide-tooth comb first and work your way to the top. Our recommended detangler hair products are Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch, Instant Leave-in Detangling Therapy and Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler. Typically, you only need to detangle once a week before you wash your hair, but feel free to do it as often as its needed.

D) Co-Wash

Since shampoo can strip your hair of moisture, co-washing your hair is an important part of a kinky hair care routine. To co-wash your hair wet your hair first and then apply the conditioner. After that, massage the conditioner throughout your hair and then comb it. Lastly, wash out the conditioner and allow your hair to air dry. You can use your typical conditioner or buy a conditioner that is specifically for co-washing. Our recommended co-wash products are Pantene Deep Hydrating Co-Wash for Natural and Curly Hair and Eden BODYWORKS Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash. You should co-wash once a week.

E) Shampoo & Deep Condition

Shampooing kinky hair is necessary for cleansing and deep conditioning kinky hair is essential to seal in moisture and to prevent breakage. After shampooing your hair, allow your deep conditioner to sit for 15-30 minutes before washing it out. You will shampoo and deep condition once every two weeks. Our recommended shampoos are Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo, Alikay Naturals Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo, and Taliah Waajid Curls, Waves and Naturals Clean-N-Curly Shampoo. Our recommended deep conditioners are Neutrogena Triple Moisture Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask and Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque.


F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine: Satin Scarf & Silk/Satin Pillow

It is important to protect your hair while you are sleeping so that you don’t dry out your hair and cause breakage. Wearing a satin scarf and sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase every night allows your hair to retain moisture and prevents tangling, shedding and thinning.

14-Day Kinky Hair Routine

Follow this 14-day natural hair routine for kinky hair that will lead to hair growth, amazing moisturization, and prevent detangling. *If your hair gets dry in between the L.O.C. Method days, feel free to apply a little leave-in-conditioner to maintain moisture.*

Day 1 Routine
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 2 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 3 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 4 Routine
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 5 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 6 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 7 Routine
  • C) Detangle
  • D) Co-Wash
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 8 Routine
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 9 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 10 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 11 Routine
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 12 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 13 Routine
  • B) Gorgeous Growth Routine
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine
Day 14 Routine
  • C) Detangle
  • E) Shampoo & Deep Condition
  • A) L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) Method
  • F) Sophisticated Sleep Routine