Guide to 2018 Texas Midterm Elections

“If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain.” – Anonymous

The  2018 Midterm Elections are less than two months away and the results of this election determine the political direction of this country. Our power lies within our votes, which is why we have to make sure that we are using our power for the right people!  Be sure to show up at the polls on November 6, 2018 to cast your vote for the person you believe will point this country in the right direction. Still need help deciding who to vote for? Check out the comparison table of the candidates by popular issues for U.S. Senate and Governor of Texas.

Guide to 2018 Texas Midterm Elections

Texas U. S. Senator Candidates on Popular Issues 

[table id=1 /]

Texas Governor Candidates on Popular Issues 

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For additional positions and candidates on the ballot for your local elections, visit the Texas Secretary of State Ballot Report and choose your city.

For more information on registering to vote in any state, visit

For more information on where to vote in any state, visit

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